The Editor of the journal Manager. Bulletin of Donetsk State University of Management”, published by the Donetsk State Universityof Management, maintain a certain level of requirements for selection and accepting of the articles submitted by authors. These rules are determined by the scientific fields covered in the journal. They are regulated by the Certificate on State Registration, and quality standards of scientific paper and its presentation adopted in the scientific community.

Ethical Policy

  1. An editor should considerate all manuscripts offered for publication without prejudice, evaluating each on its merits without regard to race, religion, nationality, status, or institutional affiliation of the author(s). An editor may take into account relationships of a manuscript under consideration to others previously offered by the same author(s).

  2.  The whole responsibility for acceptance or rejection of an article rests with the editor. Responsible and reasonable approach to the duty requires that the editor seek advice from reviewers, Doctor of Science of required specialty, as to the quality and reliability of manuscripts submitted for publication. However, manuscripts may be rejected without external review if considered by the Editors to be inappropriate for the journal.

  3. The editor and members of the editor’s staff should not disclose any information about a manuscript under consideration to anyone other than those from whom professional advice is sought. After a positive decision has been made about a manuscript, it should be published in the journal and in the website of the journal.

  4. According to the international law of electronic media copyright, copying of materials published in electronic journal in full or in part is not allowed without the prior written permission of author(s) and Editors. In case of use of the published materials in context of other documents, references to the primary source are required.

  5. Whole responsibility for content of articles and for the fact of publication rests with author(s). Editors do not bear responsibility for probable damage caused by publication of a manuscript to authors or third parties. Editors have the right to withdraw the article already published in case somebody’s rights or generally accepted norms appear violated. Editors inform author(s) of the article, persons who gave recommendations and representatives of organization, where the research was held, about the fact of withdrawal.

  6. An author should cite those publications that have been influential in determining the nature of the reported work and that will guide the reader quickly to the earlier work that is essential for understanding the present investigation. Except in a review, citation of work that will not be referred to in the reported research should be minimized. An author is obligated to perform a literature search to find, and then cite, the original publications that describe closely related work. For critical materials used in the work, proper citation to sources should also be made when these were supplied by a non author.

Review Procedure

Before the review procedure, all texts has to be checked (including those that previously were sent back for corrections and then are returned for reconsideration) for plagiarism.

All submitted texts are subject to review by a specialist, either Ukrainian or foreign, in the related field. The text is anonymized (encoded) before the review, and the file the reviewer gets does not have any traces to personalities behind the authorship. For confidentiality reasons we prefer to keep the list of in-house reviewers closed. Review procedure does not last more than 2-3 weeks. In cases when additional work on the text is needed, the editorial office may send not the final form of the review – but just a separate comment from a blind reviewer in a plain email.

The judgments of all reviewers are based on the following positions: originality of the idea, internal logic of the text, profundity of statistical material and depth of its analysis, specificity of the study, without overgeneralization, proper referencing and sufficient literature analysis on the issue, correct grammar, spelling, sentence structuring and also proper academic style of presentation, logical and interesting conclusions which indeed contribute to the study field.

Personalized negotiations and follow-up discussions between authors and reviewers on the review results are not an option, under any circumstances.

Post-Review Proceeding

The editorial team keeps the right for minor corrections (including the title in some cases), saving the general style and the key conclusions of the author. Terminology and personal names translation are subject to general international standards, public and diplomatic documents and also our leading editor’s reasoning. The view expressed in an article, political and/or economic one, is not necessarily shared by the editorial team.

All texts, academic articles and also reviews of any sorts, once published in Manager. Bulletin of Donetsk State University of Management” belong to the author(s) of the related texts. The editorial office does not have any claims on this intellectual property.

On all copyright, plagiarism and/or double publication issues – please, inform kindly the managing editor. However, these situations are to be settled with authors on a personal basis, with due support and cooperation on our side

The editorial office is doing its best to prevent any sort of research and academic misconduct, including (especially) plagiarism, text cloning, citations manipulation etc. If you have any suspicions in this relation regarding our authors – please, contact the managing editor, and we will initiate the internal investigation. In all the related processes the editorial office will do its best to comply with Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) standards in this field.